We’re a specialist sound production and recording studio based in Essex. We’ve got almost 40 years’ experience recording and mixing sound for all types of projects. We produce radio ads, TV ad soundtracks, corporate soundtracks, voice over recordings, foreign language projects and bespoke audio projects. We have access to hundreds of voice overs and are experts in directing recording sessions. Our studios can record on site or remotely and we have dedicated editing suites. 

Sound is an important tool in its own right, from audio ads for radio and digital streaming to pod casts and audio books. High quality sound is vital to engage listeners and is expected by audiences.  

Sound is also a huge part of any video project. It can help build atmosphere, communicate messages and create impact. Sound is half of what we ‘see’ and can transform a video. Whether it’s a voice over delivering a message, music providing energy or a soundscape creating drama, the sound is so important and must be high quality. 

If you need audio for a project, or a radio ad for a campaign, then give us a call to have a chat about what we could do for you. 

What we can do

  • Radio production
  • Corporate soundtracks
  • Voice over recording
  • Foreign languages
  • Bespoke audio projects